About Me

Hi There

Bruce Little with camera

Hi there – my name is Bruce Little and I am a landscape photographer based in Devon, England. I’ve always liked the outdoors but my interest in photography began at about the turn of the century. This was when my wife lent me her camera and a roll of film and encouraged me to play. In the early noughties I moved to the beautiful southwest of England, with its beautiful remote moors and rugged coastline. This was the catalyst for settling on landscape photography as my genre of choice. Shortly afterwards I bought my first digital SLR, and this allowed me to really begin to explore the possibilities of digital landscape photography.

In my spare time I love being out and about in the middle of nowhere waiting for the light. I find this relaxing and arguably better than taking snapshots on a walk or hike. Being in one place allows me to take the place in and really appreciate it, rather than passing through, destination on the mind – when I often end up with rushed photos, taken in harsh light.

It can be frustrating when the light doesn’t come good. Many times, however, this matters not as there’s something pretty special about being in the middle of nowhere. Especially a middle of nowhere with only the sounds of wildlife and running water for company.

My photos have been published in various places, including the national photography press but I remain an amateur, in the true sense of the word. I have had no formal training and I have a day job away from photography which pays the bills. I make no pretence at being a professional, but I do strive for the best quality work that I can. In particular the Saturation and Vibrance sliders are extremely rarely used as they can all too easily produce garish unnatural results. Only photos that are good enough to be printed large and sharp make it to this website.

Like many others I also have a presence on Flickr. Please see below for my latest uploads.