Month: July 2011

24 Jul

Early Morning Hopes – Just a Recce in the End

Its been some time since my last blog posting. Mainly because I’ve not done much photography of late. Time to redress the balance …

A lot of my photography in Devon has been either at the coast or up on the moors. One place which I don’t photograph enough is the scenery within the 10 mile radius or so of where I live – The gentle rolling East Devon countryside. I don’t know why that is; possibly that I’ve not really explored the tiny lanes and footpaths enough since we moved here 8 years ago – certainly it is very tempting to go straight for the many “obvious” places around here when on a day out, perhaps ignoring some very promising photographic viewpoints.

With that in mind, a few Sundays ago I decided Read more

03 Jul

Food and Photography: Mexican Burgers with Avocado Salsa.

Following a recent discussion with colleagues about the technicalities of food photography, and it being some time since I ventured out do shoot a landscape, I felt the need to take a photo, and thought I’d give food a go. Its something I’ve tried before without success, and there are issues with this one, but I think its my best effort to date.

It being a nice summers day, we were having Mexican style burgers and salad for dinner so an alfresco shot seemed a good idea. I set up the camera on the tripod on the patio at maximum aperture for minimal depth of field. I needed an out of focus drink in the background, so set up Read more