Like father, like son?

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When I started this blog, I had no intention of using it for family snaps, and that is still my aim as I have other outlets for that, but I just cannot resist this one time. Well, it is linked to photography …

We had taken advantage of a beautiful, fresh, spring day to have a family outing to the coast at Dawlish. I took my SLR, tripod, and 10 stop ND filter with me (more of which  to come in another post) and had just spent quite some time on the piers hoping for an interesting sky, and had reached that “photo’d out” point, so I made my way back to the family and set the tripod and camera down on the sand.

My two year old son decided that he wanted to copy Daddy and, while I was scanning the horizon daydreaming, and wondering whether I’d got anything worthwhile “in the bag”, I heard this little voice behind me saying “cheese”. I turned around to find Connor looking through the viewfinder, cable release in hand, snapping away. So, out came the smartphone so I could get a few snaps of my own.

Maestro at workMaestro at work II









I just couldn’t resist playing up in front of the camera, so the following shot has been added to his rapidly expanding portfolio, although this is the first published shot of his that he’s taken absolutely all by himself. Perhaps I should tell him to take more care with his shadow next time 😉


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