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I’m feeling a bit photographically jaded at the moment, and I’m not sure why. I’m on holiday, and have brought my landscape kit with me, but am not having a vintage time photographically. In a new part of the country I thought I’d be scouring out new locations and taking best advantage of them, but I’m not. And I’m not too bothered. The strange thing is that I still want to go out and get some great photos, it’s just that when I set up I don’t feel too enthusiastic about it. On top of that, my 24-105 has broken and will only shoot wide open – not ideal for landscapes. So why am I feeling jaded?

Time of year? Perhaps. It’s not the best time of year for landscapes, with very early mornings or late evenings required for that “ideal” light. Following that kind of regime on a family holiday would be a bit antisocial. I have been trying to compensate for the lack of “golden-hour” images with long exposure monochromes, but I’m having little luck in hunting out subjects that work for such shots at the moment.

Burnout? Perhaps. I spent all of 2010 doing a monochrome photo a week challenge which had to be mainly concentrated into weekends. My self-imposed challenge for 2011 has been to get up early for sunrise landscape photography and that, too, has been a mainly weekend, i.e. free time, activity. So perhaps I am a little burned out and just need to relax on my holiday.

So what to do? Well, as my favourite lens is broken, it will have to go into a Canon service centre. On past experience I can expect to be without it for a couple of months so, even though I can use other lenses, I intend to slow down a bit and concentrate on the images I’ve already collected this year. I’m guilty, along with many others I imagine, of collecting hoards of images and letting them fade into obscurity on disk. I’m quite good at pruning the wheat from the chaff, so don’t store rubbish, but I don’t give the good ones the respect they deserve by printing them out and putting them on the wall.

So when I get home, I will concentrate on post-production and get some pretty damn great prints to hang on the wall. By the time I get my lens back, I should be ready to get out and about with it again. For now, I’ll just relax and enjoy the rest of my holiday.

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