Black and White

Black and white photos can be striking, placing greater emphasis on composition and structure than their colour counterparts. While the majority of my photos are in colour, I do enjoy converting them to monochrome when the situation allows.

My preference is for a high contrast bold style which differs from my colour images in that I am not constrained by wanting a natural looking end result. That said, over processing is still something to be wary of, and I aim for an end product that is striking but not garish.

Some of the images in this gallery are long exposures of several minutes of more. One of my favourite of these is the man sitting on the pier at Dawlish. He was unaware of me and was sitting still and looked comtemplative. I tried a few 30 second exposures and mananged to get one in which he was totally still.

A lot of these images are of coastal scenes. I also have a gallery of colour coastal images for comparison.

This gallery contains my favourite black and white images from around the UK. Please click on an image to open it in lightbox view.