Dartmoor Woodland

A gallery of Dartmoor woodland images from within the national park.

Perhaps the main thing people think of about Dartmoor is wide open and remote spaces, and I have a gallery dedicated to that. However there is a lot more to it than that. There are a number of rivers cutting through the 368 square miles of the national park. Most famous of these are perhaps the Plym, the Teign and the Dart itself. The rivers eventually cut deep valleys that are often accompanied by woodland. In the spring, when colors are green, vibrant and new, and the autumn when yellows and oranges are to the fore, the photo opportunities are many and varied.

The nature of the woodland varies a lot. There are modern forestry plantations, older deciduous woodlands, and ancient copses such as Wistman’s wood. Rivers vary from tiny upland streams to the raging torrent of the upper Dart “Mad Mile” and the more sedate lower stretches of the Dart and the Teign.

This gallery contains some of my favourite woodland and river shots from Dartmoor. Please click on an image to open it up in lightbox view.

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