Links and Resources

Artistic Interpretations of my Photos

My wife, Helen, creates Zentangle Inspired Art images, several of which are re-interpretations of my photos. Please visit her shop and have an explore.

Dartmoor Information

While a large proportion of my photographs are of Dartmoor, my website makes no claim to be a reference site for Dartmoor information. There are Plenty of resources available online, including:

Other Photographers

This is my website. I want to keep you here, right? Well, yes, of course I do but here’s a list of other local photographers whose work I admire:

  • Alex Nail – Mountain and wilderness photographer, originally from Dartmoor
  • David Clapp – Devon-based all round photography guru
  • Phil Starkey – From the wrong side of the Tamar and something to do with Alan Howe
  • Alan Howe – West Dartmoor guru and something to do with Phil Starkey
  • Richard Fox – Ex-Dartmoor, now Scotland


Met Office – The resoruce for weather info