The magnificent scale force

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Don’t go chasing waterfalls” sang TLC back in 1994 – similar words were also shouted at me by the good Mrs L as I scrambled up a slipperly wet ledge to get into position to take this shot. This is Scale Force waterfall, which sits above Crummock Water in the Lake District. We had gone on a family walk to find it. I knew that there was a little scramble at the end to get the best view, but not one that was quite as slippery when wet, and with such small footholds.

Anyway, having trudged uphill to find it with two occasionally grumpy kids in tow, I wasn’t going to walk away without trying to get the shot I was after (the shot from “ground level” is obscured by branches and the ledge itself and is just less clean), so scramble I did, somewhat nervous that I’d lose my footing at any time and come crashing back down.

Having ascended the ledge I was in a wonderful little grotto. The rich greens and spectacular 120ft drop of the waterfall were amazing! Conscious that the family wanted to move on, I only took a few shots while there, using a polariser to emphasise the greens and eliminate reflections in the still water.

A truly spectacular place

Scale Force waterfall

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