How early would you get up for that perfect photo?

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Now that the days getting longer, the sun is rising earlier and earlier. With the clocks going forward at the end of March, us landscape photographers have a bit of respite for the next few weeks, with sunrise reverting to a more or less respectable 7 o’clock, or thereabouts, here in the West country on Sunday. However, over the coming weeks, it will start to rise earlier again, testing my resolve to drag myself from beneath the covers. In previous years I’ve kind of given up early rising at the end of February but this year I’ve stuck it out until now, and pretty glad that I have. However, I’m not sure how early my own personal limit is, so my question is: how early would you rise …?

(Given that this is my first poll on a blog in its infancy, I’m expecting as many votes as a Liberal Democrat in an Oldham by-election)

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