I want to be alone. I think.

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I’ve made a resolution this year to make the effort to get up for sunrise. For me, this is really limited to weekends, as work and a young son just don’t give me enough time on weekdays. I’ve managed to get out several times this year and I really enjoy being up and about, alone, watching the sunrise.

However, on several occasions, I’ve had to share my viewpoint with other photographers. I don’t know what it is about being with someone else, but I kind of get inhibited and lose some sense of freedom. Whether that’s down to not wanting to get in the other persons way, or out of embarrassment that crouching down in the water to get that perfect shot is just plain stupid, I don’t know. What I do know is that several times this year I’ve come back with less than perfect shots and I’m wondering if having company is the reason. Or is that just an excuse?

Take this shot at the Cobb in Lyme Regis as an example. I had a great sunrise, I had a woman doing a “Meryl Streep” at the end of the wall, and I had another photographer standing just to the left of me with whom I was gassing away for 30 minutes or so. The compo just doesn’t work for me. I’d have liked the wall to enter the frame in the bottom right corner – not lazily half way up the right hand side. Also, I lose a bit of the wall on the left.

Perhaps a square crop will rescue me?

Sunrise at the Cobb. Original.
Sunrise at the Cobb. Original.
Sunrise at the Cobb. Square crop
Sunrise at the Cobb. Square crop.

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  1. mpaulphotography  —  6th March 2011 at 16:16

    I fully understand – when I’m in creative mode, don’t bother me! Somehow having another person there sets my nerves on edge even if they’re essentially ignoring me.

    I’m not sure the square crop really helps – do you have enough file size to crop in further so that the woman stands out more? While I love the water movement and the details of the gravel below the wall, that white part of the wall keeps drawing my eye. Lovely colors though!


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