In Too Deep. Almost.

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Much of my landscape photography over the last couple of years has involved water — mainly coastal images taken at either end of the day, and many of these were taken with me and tripod standing in the water. Trouble is that my photography footwear has been a trusty pair of old walking boots for as long as I can remember and I’ve become fed up of suffering for my art, with water coming in over the top of my boots. Therefore, and long overdue, my latest photographic purchase has been a simple pair of wellington boots.

Somewhat, but unavoidably, too late in the season I set off for Dartmoor to get some autumnal shots of the fast flowing shallow rivers. Having seen some excellent images by Mark Lakeman and Andy Cosway on Flickr of Hisley Bridge, my chosen destination was the river Bovey just outside Bovey Tracey on the edge of Dartmoor. I was quite interested in exploring this area as it was new to me.

We turned up at the car park and set off down the hill towards the river. It was only about a kilometre walk to the bridge but, with a three year old toddler in tow, it took about an hour to get there, having been distracted by such exciting diversions as ants, sticks, and muddy puddles on the way.

Arriving at my new photo location, I spent the next hour or so stood in the middle of this fast flowing shallow river which had a surprisingly strong current for its depth. I tried various compositions but found the bridge itself surprisingly hard to place in a photo so, after a while, I headed off downstream to get some compositions which didn’t feature the bridge itself. The light was dim which led to shutter speeds of several seconds and nice milky water. I’ve posted my favourite shots below.

I knew when it was time to go as I got a bit over confident and found the water coming over the top of my new wellies. The kilometre back to the car was spent with toddler (who had spent the last hour with mummy on the banks) on my shoulders so that soggy feet could be dealt with as quickly as possible. Next year I’ll be in the rivers of Dartmoor by mid-October at the latest and I’m looking forward to it already …


  1. Deremer Studios  —  10th November 2011 at 23:04

    I know what you mean – having a good pair of waterproof boots is good for our kind of immersive (pardon the pun!) photography – especially in the cold mountain streams that I frequent…

  2. Deremer Studios  —  10th November 2011 at 23:06

    Oh, and nice photos – I love the combination of rocks, leaves and moss!


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