Long Exposures at Bembridge

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A week’s holiday on the Isle of Wight in early autumn was supposed to yield a satisfying haul of landscape photos. Before I went, I did my research and worked out where to go, what the tides would be, and sunrise/sunset times. Of course, I did some Google image searches as well and had my “targets” well and truly lined up. Unfortunately the TV forecasters had a series of weather fronts and overcast days well and truly lined up in opposition to my plans.

Therefore I decided to change tack, and concentrate on using my 10 stop ND filter on a few select targets. One of these was the new Bembridge RNLI station, recently completed at a cost of several million pounds, and a rather striking feature on the east coast of the Isle of Wight. The first photo, below, was taken shortly after low tide as it was beginning to rise. Ideally I wanted the tide to be higher, but I liked the pattern produced by the long exposure and movement of the distant shower cloud:

I decided to revisit at height tide and my second attempt, below, is taken later the same day. The result is more of a classic “LE” shot with clean lines and a simple composition:

On this occasion, I also went up to “walkway level” and tried a shot from there. I loved the composition, but the quality was not as good as I wanted. Either I had a bit of camera shake which blurred things out too much (’twas a blustery day), or the shots were too underexposed to really work with. Therefore I decided to return for a third visit (I’m glad we did this as this time the station was open of visitors and my young son loved the “tour”). My result this time is below. I like the way the horizon and the handrail form a straight line from left to right across the image. I was going to give it a similar black and white treatment to the others but decided that I liked the green and grey colours and tones, so left it more or less as shot:

So, I had no plans to take these kind of images when I landed on the IoW, but overall I’m really happy with the results.

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  1. andybeel  —  12th September 2011 at 21:45

    Nice work – thanks


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