Longaford Tor, New Year’s Day

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Longaford Tor taken on New Year's Day afternoon, 2019
Longaford Tor taken on New Year’s Day afternoon, 2019

I went for a New Year’s Day stomp on Dartmoor to make the best of the good weather after a few overcast days. My destination was Higher White Tor via Littaford Tor and Longaford Tor as, having visited a few times on walks, I am yet to get a “nice light” photo from there.

I was even feeling greedy and thinking of visiting and photographing Lower White and Little Whiten as well.

When I parked up the light was fantastic and stayed good with me as far as Littaford Tor. Then I realised that the cloud to the north was moving south at a rate of knots and would soon block the sun.

Therefore I hot-footed it the extra few hundred yards to Longaford Tor and managed to take two photos I am pleased with. I had little time to recompose and finesse things before the light went. However I am happy with the result.

Longaford Tor on New Year's Day 2019 under approaching cloud

This one was taken a couple of minutes after the other one. I must’ve thought that there was more promise in this composition which was about a hundred yards further on.

However, I think I prefer the first image. Why? Well, I guess it conforms more to the “rules” (leading lines, foreground interest, rule of thirds, etc) but, apart from that, there is a little colour in the sky and the lighting isn’t quite as dramatic. Still striking but a little less “in yer face” as they say.

Although I continued to Higher White and beyond, it will be another day before it provides my “nice light” photo.

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