Misty Sunrise at Teignmouth Pier

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After a couple of weekends of frustrating weather, one of which involved dragging myself out and about in the wee small hours for zero reward, and the other of which was just a non-starter, I was desperate to venture forth with the camera last Saturday. The problem I had was that, with so few chances to get out and about, I was equally desperate to go to the “right” location while I had the chance.

Studying my tide time, map, and sunrise related smartphone apps, I had a few options – Lyme Regis, the Otter Estuary, and Sidmouth were all possibilities. With a settled spell of high pressure, there was a lot of “gunk” in the lower atmosphere which should have provided a “warm” sunrise. However, with interesting cloudy skies unlikely, I thought that maybe going West of the Exe, where fog had been forecast, would be a better option. Getting up to Mamhead viewpoint and looking down onto a foggy valley sounded promising.

Leaving the house early and re-acquainting myself with Richard Allinson’s graveyard shift show on Radio 2, I headed towards Exeter. Twenty minutes later I turned off the A380 and headed for Mamhead. I noticed that there was some interesting cloud in the sky which, in the pre-dawn light, was too tempting to ignore so I turned around and headed down to Teignmouth for a crack at the pier.

My intention was to shoot into the sunrise with the pier in silhouette, but when I got to sea level the fog was coming in and I thought I’d wasted my journey. Disappointed, I set up my tripod on the beach and thought I’d wait and see what happened anyway. My patience (or desperation?) was rewarded because the fog lifted a little and I was treated to a rather good sunrise. In this shot the end of the pier is disappearing into the mist and, shortly after it was taken, the mist became a bit too thick and I returned up into the hills again to Mamhead for a few bonus shots looking down onto the fog.

The following shot was taken having returned to Mamhead viewpoint after sunrise – my first visit and probably not my last:

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  1. arkturosx  —  5th October 2011 at 21:16

    the first photo has amazing colors and movement!


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