Moody Moorland Mists

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With sunrise still conveniently late, I’m taking my opportunities to put some miles in for sunrise shots. Today’s destination was Peek Hill on the west of Dartmoor, overlooking Burrator Reservoir. I’d been here a few weeks ago to a cloudless sky and I was hoping for better this time after overnight rain. I wasn’t sure what to expect after coming out of a fogbound Princetown so I parked up the car and strolled the short distance to the viewpoint with a sense of anticipation. I have to admit that the last thing I was expecting was the moody moorland vista in this image.

The view from the top of Peek Hill was OK. Not stunning but OK. I wandered down to what I think is Lowery Tor on the southern slopes and waited for sun up. For whatever reason it wasn’t happening for me. There was nothing wrong with the conditions but I was finding it hard. I suspect I was being constrained by my pre-conceived shot not materialising, so I set off looking for something else.

I’d noticed some tripods over on Leather Tor to the east. More out of wanting to have a natter, than wanting to nick their compositions, I set off in that direction. I was soon stopped by a view of mists forming in the valley below me and an interesting sky over the moor to the east of Sheeps Tor and up towards the distant valley head.

Putting on a long lens I set about hunting for a composition and, after a while, was pleased with this one. The valley leads up to a focal point of what I think is Combeshead Tor, with wispy fog and cloud, and the early morning sun teasing out some texture in the distant moor.

The shot in the bag I wandered over and had a chat with the togs on Leather Tor. They’d had the better conditions, no doubt about it. However I had a sneaky feeling I might have rescued my morning.

I’m finding more and more that I’m coming away from shoots with shots I’ve had to work for. Shots which I like, perhaps, more than the ones I had in my head when I set out. This isn’t my normal style of photo and maybe that’s why I like it. I think this one might end up as a wall hanger.

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