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No, not me, not even this blog which I’ve left untouched for months now. Rather a collection of photos I’m beginning which originated on my Android phone and have had the sepia treatment. I must say that I’m not particularly fond of smartphone photos that have been given a random effect and posted to Instagram or similar. So why Am I doing this?

I suppose it boils down to compromise.

I used to fall into the trap of taking my DSLR gear everywhere — especially on family days out in the harsh midday lighting conditions. Lugging the gear around was tiring, and stopping to set up a shot was irritating for the family, especially when the end results were nothing to write home about. So these days I try to leave the camera gear at home when on family trips and, when I see a promising composition, just take a few snaps with the android phone and save them for future reference.

I have found that some of these stand up to having a faded sepia look quite well. Rather than jut let them stagnate on my phone, I have decided to start a gallery on my Flickr site. As I stated earlier, random effects are not my thing so I’m at least trying for some consistency by using the same effect on all of the shots.

For reference the settings are Filter: Platinotype, Frame Type: Film, Frame Style: Filed Negative Carrier

I guess it’s really an exercise in composition. I like the shots of Yarmouth pier and particularly the view from Sharpitor which, when I visited with full camera gear, I found quite challenging composition-wise. I’m glad I took these as they will help me the next time I visit for a better composition.

The view north from Sharpitor
The view north from Sharpitor

I also couldn’t resist giving the Coombestone Tor dead tree the effect.

Twisted dead tree at Coombestone Tor
Twisted dead tree at Coombestone Tor

So, none of these are competition winners (critics of LPOTY might think otherwise ;-)), and I’m not expecting legions of new twitter or flickr followers, but its a bit of fun and gives an airing to some shots which I think have at least a modicum of compositional credit.

Now, time to get back to the proper stuff ….

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