Sharp Tor Luck

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The sun rises over the Dart Valley near Sharp Tor on DartmoorSharp Tor at sunrise

On Sunday morning I found myself at Sharp Tor on Dartmoor. There are several Sharp Tors and I guess that this one is one of the easiest to access. It’s the one just off the Ashburton to Two Bridges road and with a very convenient car park.

Truth be told, I was heading further west to Peek Hill above Burrator. For the previous twenty minutes I had been wondering why I had bothered as the sky was resolutely overcast. I was contemplating going home but thought I’d stop at Sharp Tor to assess the weather. The sky further west still looked unpromising but there was an interesting gap looking east. So I stayed put.

At sunrise the sky turned red but I never got very excited about it. Sure, I got a nice sky and found a reasonable composition with Sharp Tor in profile leading towards the valley. However I’m going off red sky sunrises per se and feel that I either needed to be in a better place or to have found a better composition than the shot that I got (number 2 in the gallery above). I’ll be honest – I also find them hard to process without them feeling over the top.

Once the sun was up I took a wander up to Yartor Down. This seemed odd in itself as Yar Tor is on the other side of the road – but the OS maps don’t lie. They don’t even provide Alternative Facts.

Anyway, from up there the view down the Dart Valley was inviting, with the lines of the hills and the layers of cloud providing a nice recession into the distance. The sky was less vivid and the sun was a little muted behind a layer of low cloud. Just before it rose behind the cloud I found a composition I liked and took a few shots.

I’m really quite please with the resulting image. As well as a composition that I still like, the overall feel is more subtle than the showy sunrise. I guess I also like it as it was the result of a chance stop and a chance urge to go for a wander. Yes, you have to plan to get a good photo, but sometimes the lucky ones are the ones that remain in the memory.

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