10 stop Kase filter – First Impressions

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I ventured out this morning almost reluctantly. Even with a late, post 8 a.m, sunrise I was tired and didn’t want to get out of bed. Combine that with indications of cloud cover being all (Dartmoor) or nothing (East Devon coast) and I was even less enthusiastic to rise from my slumbers. However, I had some new toys to play with in the shape of some Kase filters, including a 10 stop, which had turned up on Thursday and I wanted to see how they performed.

So, I chose to go to Ladram Bay, 15 minutes drive away and something of a bogey location. I am yet to get a shot from here that I am really pleased with. Today was to be little different as there was negligible interest in the sky.

But it was a good place to test out the filter. My previous, B+W, 10-stop filter had a horrible brown cast and meant that most of my images had to be converted to monochrome to remove it. I was interested to see how the new one compared.

Well, I am pleased to say, quite well on first impressions. It seems to have a slight blue cast which was easy enough to mostly remove by small Hue/Saturation and colour temp tweaks. The long exposure image on this page has had cursory colour adjustments. I’m sure I could do better with time. Speaking of which, time, and more shots, will be proof of the pudding.

I know long exposures aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I quite like them. Here is an example of “before” and “after”.

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