Topsham Sunrise

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wide angle sunrise view from Topsham

It’s been a while since I’ve witnessed a Topsham sunrise. My original plan was to go to Dartmoor, as the late sunrise time would have allowed me to venture deep into the moor and still get a reasonable amount of sleep. When I woke at 5 o’clock I checked the forecast and looked out of the window. Claggy low cloud. No sign of it shifting until 8 or later on the moor. No way was I wasting considerable fuel, time, and sleep on a wasted journey to the west moor. So I claimed another 90 minute’s sleep and headed to Topsham. There was a faint chance of a gap in the clouds and therefore a dramatic sunrise.

Well, as it turned out, it was all a bit subtle. I chose to play with three focal lengths – a wide 24mm, a medium-ish 105mm and, finally, the big gun, a 300mm prime with a 1.4x converter for a 420mm pano. By the time I took the pano of a distant Exmouth the subtle pinks had all but gone. Maybe I’ll be back another time when sunrise looks more promising.

Each of the images below is a slight crop to 16:9 or beyond as the standard 3:2 featured too much sky in my opinion. Please click on each one for a larger view

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