Crane Hill

The view from Crane Hill in southern DartmoorFox Tor from Crane Hill

Crane Hill is on the fringes of the bleak and barren southern Dartmoor. There is no tor, summit cairn, or trig pont to mark the top so I had to rely on a GPS location to satisfy myself I had bagged it.

I approached Crane Hill from Fox Tor. On the lower slopes, my starting point was still visible and gave a point of reference. However, towards the summit I lost sight of Fox Tor and got a sense of true remoteness. Normally, on the more familiar norther moor, I can find easy points of reference in the shape of recognisable tors. Here, if I remember correctly, I couldn’t even use the North Hessary Tor transmitter mast as a reference.

This was not easy walking and I soon found myself in tussocky ankle-twisting, swear-inducing territory. From here I set out to Great Gnat’s Head which is identifiable from its summit cairn and, from there, down to Plym Ford and Drizzlecombe.

The main photo on this page is not a competition winner. Not a seller in any shape or form, but does inicate how barren this spot is. The second is the view of Fox Tor from the northern slops of Crane Hill.

Grid ref: SX621690