Crockern Tor

Crockern Tor parliament stone, just after a light snowfall

Crockern Tor is easy to get to and not particularly spectacular. However, it is of great significance to the history of Dartmoor. Being more or less central to the moor it was a good meeting place. It is here that the Devonshore Stannary Parliament met for over 300 years. I will leave the Wikipedia entry to go into the history of this place in more detail.

The tor itself is two main outcrops, with the lower on being the old seat of parliament. This is probably because there is a natural platform in the rock, now known as the Parliament Stone. It is very easily accesible, being just off the B3212 Two Bridges to Moretonhampstead road, near its junction with the B3357. It is the most southerly of the line of tors that stretch out up to Lower White Tor and beyond.

This photo was taken in the winter of 2017 just after a small amout of snowfall. It shows the Parliament Stone taken from the higher outcrop.

Grid Reference: SX616757

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