Little Hound Tor

Little Hound Tor in northern Dartmoor

Little Hound Tor is in northern Dartmoor on the very southern slopes of Cosdon Hill. It is quite an unimpressive tor, being just a scattering of random rocks with no real structure. You could say “move along please – nothing to see here” but that would be a little unfair as, just to the southeast, you find the Whitemoor stone circle. This is an impressive and remote circle that more than makes up for the average nature of its neighbouring tor.

Although relatively easy to get to it does offer a sense of remoteness with excellent views in most directions. I approached from the south, but a more direct route would be to approach from the summit of Cosdon itself.

The tor is just north of its more impressive sibling tor, Hound Tor and, to be honest, I was expecting something similar, but it was not to be. I just ticked this one off as another tor bagged and moved on to Cosdon Hill for the next.

Grid ref  SX632899