North Hessary Tor

North Hessary Tor, taken looking away from the transmitter mastNorth Hessary Tor and trig point, taken on a snowy December dayNorth Hessary Tor transmitting station

You can see North Hessary Tor from virtually anywhere on Dartmoor. Well, that’s not strictly true – but you can see its immediate neighbour. The tor sits in the shadow of the rather imposing 196m transmitter mast just outside of Princetown, and it is that which can be seen from virtually anywhere on the moor.

This tor is definitely one that has seen the influence of humans. It sits on the edge of rural fields and dry stone walls, right next to the modern mast and, to literally top things off, it has a trig point on its summit.

It is easy to get to. There is just enough space for a car or two in near the gate at the botom of the track north from the transmitting station itself. This is just beyond the junction of the B3357 and the, erm, B3357 to the north of Princetown. Walk up the track past Rundlestone Tor and you will be at North Hessary in about 10 minutes. There can be some wet ground around here but nothing boggy.

Grid reference: SX578742


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