Rundlestone Tor

The view north from Rundlestone Tor on a snowy December dayRundlestone Tor, with Greate Mis Tor in the distance

Rundlestone Tor sits just to the north of North Hessary Tor, close to Princetown. As such it is fairly centrally-situated on Dartmoor and pretty easy to get to. It is perhaps easy to overlook – Just to the south is the domineering transmitter mast and, a mile or so to the north is the dramatic Great Mis Tor.

It is quite a low tor and a bit “untidy” perhaps. That said the views from it are very rewarding with Great Mis an obvious draw. To the north east in the middle distance you can see a good smattering of the tors north of Beardown.

To get there, park up near the junction of the B3357 and B3357 – yes, really – just north of Princetown. Wander up the private road to get to the tor, which is on the right a little way up.

Grid Reference: SX575746

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