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01 Jan

My Favourite Photos of 2017

These are my favourite photos of 2017. It wasn’t a prolific year for me but I am quite pleased with several of the photos I managed to get. There are possibly a number of reasons why it wasn’t a prolific year, but one must be the weather. I remember during late winter and early spring having a frustrating time of it at weekends, with few opportunities to get out due to rain. Another frustration was autumn – I normally love getting out into autumnal woodlands, but somehow this year it passed me by. Or maybe I let it?

Despite the infrequent nature of my outings, I am pleased with a number of the resulting photos. They may not all be technically perfect but they are personal favourites. One common theme is that many were

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23 Nov
Dawn at Teigmnouth PierDawn skies and breaking wave at Teignmouth Pier

Pier Pressure – Teignmouth Pier or Bust

The last place I expected to find myself last weekend was Teignmouth pier. After all, I’d photographed it several times before and the attraction of a return visit wasn’t obvious. I am also trying to avoid heading out purely for red skies and prefer looking for other opportunities. Golden hour side-lighting, or foggy mornings for example. However I’d had a really frustrating weekend with the camera and was desperate to photograph something. Not quite anything, but something. I’d taken Friday off to head to Dartmoor and shoot autumnal scenes. That came to nought as I had a cloudless sunrise and my woodland walk – up the Erme from Ivybridge – was bereft of bronze and yellow foliage.Read more

05 Oct

Misty Sunrise at Teignmouth Pier

After a couple of weekends of frustrating weather, one of which involved dragging myself out and about in the wee small hours for zero reward, and the other of which was just a non-starter, I was desperate to venture forth with the camera last Saturday. The problem I had was that, with so few chances to get out and about, I was equally desperate to go to the “right” location while I had the chance.

Studying my tide time, map, and sunrise related smartphone apps, I had a few options – Lyme Regis, the Otter Estuary, and Sidmouth were all possibilities. With a settled spell of high pressure, there was a lot of “gunk” in the lower atmosphere which should have provided a “warm” sunrise. However, with interesting cloudy skies unlikely, I thought that maybe going West of the Exe, where fog had been forecast, would be a better option. Getting up to Mamhead viewpoint and looking down onto a foggy valley sounded promising.

Leaving the house early and re-acquainting myself with Richard Allinson’s graveyard shift show on Radio 2, I headed towards Exeter. Twenty minutes later I turned off the A380 and headed for Mamhead. I noticed that there was some interesting cloud in the sky which, in the pre-dawn light, was too tempting to ignore so I turned around and headed down to Teignmouth for a crack at the pier.

My intention was to shoot into the sunrise with the pier in silhouette, but when I got to sea level the fog was coming in and I thought I’d wasted my journey. Disappointed, I set up my tripod on the beach and thought I’d wait and see what happened anyway. My patience (or desperation?) was rewarded because the fog lifted a little and I was treated to a rather good sunrise. In this shot the end of the pier is disappearing into the mist and, shortly after it was taken, the mist became a bit too thick and I returned up into the hills again to Mamhead for a few bonus shots looking down onto the fog.

The following shot was taken having returned to Mamhead viewpoint after sunrise – my first visit and probably not my last: